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PR Connection 10: Bollywood Actress Utilizes Twitter April 26, 2010

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Shilpa Sheety, a Bollywood Actress is the talk of controversial celebrities. In the new today the actress is all over the pages of everything from losing sleep to some impropriety over she and her husband’s partial ownership of the Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals.

She is using twitter to her advantage as her tweets are up there with the best of celebrity cryptic messages. She has come to this celebrity status because she is one of the most celebrated models and actresses in India, as well as most controversial and evidently diverse. She is an award winning actress and model, and married to millionaire Raj Kundra, who is allegedly tied to the Indian mafia. She has also has suspected romantic episodes with Richard Gere.

But now the new uproar is over whether her and her husband actually own even a tiny bit of the IPL Royals or not. By using her social networking resources she tweeted to her 47, 984 fans assurances that she and Rag are actually part owners and she is the ambassador of the team.

This celebrity is supposedly the judge of a new reality show, and is still considered the number one Bollywood bombshell. Her lifestyle is busy and she is always under scrutiny but gladly these social websites let people know how she handles it all.


PR Connection 9: BlackBerry Is Making A Comeback

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Research In Motion (RIM) has made some hints towards major changes with its next generation of BlackBerry phones, with images of revised devised and insinuations of upcoming news regarding its OS and browser offerings. Hopes are high for a BlackBerry update that makes the smart phones more competitive with the likes of iPhones and Android-supported devices.

Two new devices were unveiled, the Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G. The Bold has been long-awaited because of the Wi-Fi support and a 3.2 megapixel camera. The updated BlackBerry Pearl also offers a SureType keyboard with two configuration options, and urn BlackBerry OS 5.0.

As business-centric devices, Blackberry phones have maintained a certain image for quite some time, and most departures from that image have returned bad results. RIM’s attempt at a touch screen phone fell short, and the app marketplace seems even more controlled and contrived than Apple’s.

But the growth of mobile app marketplaces is making the appeal of certain smart phones that make is much harder for consumers to ignore, and the economy that is arising as a result is making the business factors difficult for companies such as RIM to avoid.

Finding a way to maintain brand loyalty to existing customers while also developing a new line of electronics causes the company to feel as if they are walking on a tight rope. Because if they move too far in one direction, they will fall so there must be a sense of balancing both new and old consumers wants and needs while maintaing the reputation of the company.


PR Connection 8: Nintendo DS, A rip off?

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Apparently, the brain-training games for Nintendo DS are not all what they are hyped up to be. A study from the UK Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brian Sciences Unit indicated that playing such games don’t really help you to improve your metal agility. If that is such the case, then the question stands: Why are game developers and device manufacturers making so much money from the relatively new game genre?

The CBSU proceeded to look at results from participants that played brain-training games, and put them against the result of those that answered general-knowledge questions on the internet. And the results shows that there wasn’t much of a difference between the two groups’ results, and there wasn’t that much brain function improvement either.

Although the study doesn’t really tell us much else, there are currently efforts underway to look at results over a longer period of time, and more specifically towards the prevention of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Seeing as brain-training games are generally though to be a good way to keep your brain active, all while learning to love the electronic device that seems to hold your kids’ attention more than anything else going on in the real world.

But the downside of video games remains, including the eye train, wrist problems, and countless other issues that arise from the long-term use of hand-held game systems. Of course, these problems arise with our regular use of laptop and desktop computers, cell phones, televisions, and nearly every other type of consumer electronic product that’s out on the market. Finding a way to have the benefits outweigh the costs is where marketers and developers team up.

Such marketing has moved to other game systems to help improve your health. Consumers will have to consider the pros and cons of electronics as they become more popular to society and utilizing the mindless entertainment.


PR Connection 7: Emirates Airline Incident Puts the PR People to Work

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An Emirates flight from Dubai to Kerala’s Kochi city, carrying 375 passengers and crew on board, hit an air pocket at about 25,000 feet, lost control dropped about 15,000 feet. The incident took place at about 60 miles from the destinations, according to reporters. Gladly the plane eventually regained control and landed safely at its destination, but the number of injuries is still uncertain, with mixed information coming from media sources about the passengers hurt, and only one of the injured passenger was hospitalized.

One of the passengers commented after they landed, “Some of the passengers were shouting and crying for help. And for three minutes no one knew what was happening. Many were thrown out of their seats, some had their heads hitting the roof of the aircraft. A child was thrown out of the seat. We felt that everything was coming to an end.”

The aircraft safety measurements are still being investigated, but the aircraft supposedly experienced some bad weather in turbulence while flying over the Arabian sea. The public relations practitioners for this company need to come clean about facts that are missing from the story, or the airline company will lose many customers because of their loss of credibility.

People are already scared of airplanes enough, that occasional loss of control of the plane due to turbulence is not acceptable. Airplanes are suppose to be safer than driving in a car, but with incidents like these it makes people reconsider those types of facts.


PR Connection 6: Best Buy is Going Green

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Best Buy Co., Inc. is a leading retailer store of consumer electronic. The company has set a target to collection 1 billion pound of old or obsolete electronics and appliances for recycling. Starting April 22, the company is asking consumers nationwide to pledge online to “Recycle It On,” encouraging increased used of its comprehensive, convenient recycling and trade-in programs. The goal of the project is to help increase responsible consumer action and capture a greater share of the current electronics waste stream.

Paula Prahl, Best Buy Co., Inc. senior vice president of communications, public affairs, and corporate responsibility states, “We believe our employees have the power to help people around the world live more sustainable, digitally-connected lives.”

On the public relations side of Recycle It On, they are having consumers pledge to recycle, and encourage others to do the same. They created a Facebook page for fans of the Best Buy campaign and more than 1 million fans have already joined. An application will feature a U.S. map, tracking the various types of items pledged state by state, as well as local store details to help users find their nearest Best Buy store to drop off items. Here is the application if you want to start a chain.

Some options that Best Buy gives you are:

  • In-store electronics recycling where consumers can bring up to three items per day, per household, for recycling at any U.S. or Puerto Rico Best Buy store
  • Recycling kiosks which are located at the front of every store where you can drop of ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, and PDA/smart phones
  • Appliance and television haul-away, Best Buy will remove an old or obsolete appliance or television free of charge from a consumer’s home when a new product is purchased and delivered by Best Buy Home Delivery or Geek Squad Home Theater Installation Service
  • Appliance and television pick-up, for $100 Best Buy will arrange a home visit to remove up to two appliance units and/or televisions for recycling, with $20 for each additional unit
  • Tech Trade-In is a website to exchange select gently used electronics for a Best Buy gift card.

I give two thumbs up to Best Buy for coming up with this campaign project to go green! Everyone remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!


PR Connection 5: Our Freedom of Speech is being Questioned

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Google finally took the stance to embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as they wholeheartedly decided to state that they are against censorship and are great supporters of freedom of speech. In other words, they are against governments that decide to block Google content or product, as such actions restrict freedom of speech. The article states that censorship is becoming a growing problem on the web and has been a rising issue for a very long time.

Bloggers are now being arrested and tons of people are fighting for online freedom of speech. Some of the blogs would talk about how censorship is wrong and abnormal despite the risk of seeing their blog shut down, being threatened or even arrested. And some people truly admire this public act against their rights taken away from freedom of speech.

The relationship between Google and the government consists of them seeing eye to eye on the details of a blog, and mutually deciding whether the blog should be removed or not. But now, Google as become a business hungry entity who would grant censorship wishes to governments who support their making money online efforts. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because all companies use business strategies to make money and stay profitable. But by Google claiming they are a censorship fighting hero is nothing more than a tasteless PR stunt.

These issues are very real, as more governments ban and censor content and freedom of speech. Some stick to their guns and express their opinions openly which can come with severe consequences. So now it is Google’s turn to obtain the power and start a campaign to help those fighting for their right to voice opinions openly without the fear of backfires.

For more check out the story here


PR Connection 4: Delta and Braves Extend Their Partnership

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On April 15th, Delta Airlines and the Atlanta Braves extended their partnership in which Delta will continue to serve as the team’s official airline. The two companies relationship began 40 years ago.

The terms of the deal will include, Delta providing exclusive team charters and an increased visual presence at Turner Field. Fans will also enjoy new marquis positioning of the Delta logo throughout the ballpark while taking pleasure in the extended lounge area inside the 755 Club called the Delta SKY360 Lounge. The new lounge will feature an exclusive menu, the airline’s in-flight cocktails, and a tower of televisions that will ari live games in addition to Delta content.

Tim Mapes, senior vice president of Delta marketing states, “Both companies strive to represent the best of our community throughout the U.S. around the world. By extending our relationship and partnering on this new space at Turner Field, we hope to enhance the game day experience and show Delta’s active support for the Braves and Braves fans alike.”

From the other side of things, Derek Schiller, Atlanta Executive Vice President of sales and marketing said, “We are proud to be continuing this relationship and look forward to their added presence in the Delta SKY360 Lounge, which will enhance our fans experience.”

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Before reading, here is some background information about both companies. The Atlanta Braves is a Major League Baseball franchise since 1991. Based in Atlanta since 1966, the Braves franchise is the longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball. You can follow the braves on theĀ Braves website.

Delta Air Lines Serves more than 160 million customers each year. With its global network, Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer service to 355 destinations in 65 countries on six continents. Delta employs more than 70,000 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of nearly 800 aircraft. Customers can check in for flights, print boarding passes, check bags and review flight status’ in just a click on the Delta website.