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PR Connection 9: BlackBerry Is Making A Comeback April 26, 2010

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Research In Motion (RIM) has made some hints towards major changes with its next generation of BlackBerry phones, with images of revised devised and insinuations of upcoming news regarding its OS and browser offerings. Hopes are high for a BlackBerry update that makes the smart phones more competitive with the likes of iPhones and Android-supported devices.

Two new devices were unveiled, the Bold 9650 and the Pearl 3G. The Bold has been long-awaited because of the Wi-Fi support and a 3.2 megapixel camera. The updated BlackBerry Pearl also offers a SureType keyboard with two configuration options, and urn BlackBerry OS 5.0.

As business-centric devices, Blackberry phones have maintained a certain image for quite some time, and most departures from that image have returned bad results. RIM’s attempt at a touch screen phone fell short, and the app marketplace seems even more controlled and contrived than Apple’s.

But the growth of mobile app marketplaces is making the appeal of certain smart phones that make is much harder for consumers to ignore, and the economy that is arising as a result is making the business factors difficult for companies such as RIM to avoid.

Finding a way to maintain brand loyalty to existing customers while also developing a new line of electronics causes the company to feel as if they are walking on a tight rope. Because if they move too far in one direction, they will fall so there must be a sense of balancing both new and old consumers wants and needs while maintaing the reputation of the company.


One Response to “PR Connection 9: BlackBerry Is Making A Comeback”

  1. mlong331 Says:

    I really enjoyed this blog. I’ve had a BlackBerry for years and I love it, but I wouldn’t mind trying out an iPhone. I feel a loyalty to BlackBerries because I’ve never had an major problems with mine, but I’ve heard some horror stories from friends of mine with other Smart phones. I did hear a lot negative feedback about the BlackBerry Storm so maybe they’re trying to phase it out by focusing on the Bold, Pearl, and Curve. It will be interesting to see what the end result is. Nice blog!

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