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PR Connection 8: Nintendo DS, A rip off? April 26, 2010

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Apparently, the brain-training games for Nintendo DS are not all what they are hyped up to be. A study from the UK Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brian Sciences Unit indicated that playing such games don’t really help you to improve your metal agility. If that is such the case, then the question stands: Why are game developers and device manufacturers making so much money from the relatively new game genre?

The CBSU proceeded to look at results from participants that played brain-training games, and put them against the result of those that answered general-knowledge questions on the internet. And the results shows that there wasn’t much of a difference between the two groups’ results, and there wasn’t that much brain function improvement either.

Although the study doesn’t really tell us much else, there are currently efforts underway to look at results over a longer period of time, and more specifically towards the prevention of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Seeing as brain-training games are generally though to be a good way to keep your brain active, all while learning to love the electronic device that seems to hold your kids’ attention more than anything else going on in the real world.

But the downside of video games remains, including the eye train, wrist problems, and countless other issues that arise from the long-term use of hand-held game systems. Of course, these problems arise with our regular use of laptop and desktop computers, cell phones, televisions, and nearly every other type of consumer electronic product that’s out on the market. Finding a way to have the benefits outweigh the costs is where marketers and developers team up.

Such marketing has moved to other game systems to help improve your health. Consumers will have to consider the pros and cons of electronics as they become more popular to society and utilizing the mindless entertainment.


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