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PR Connection 10: Bollywood Actress Utilizes Twitter April 26, 2010

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Shilpa Sheety, a Bollywood Actress is the talk of controversial celebrities. In the new today the actress is all over the pages of everything from losing sleep to some impropriety over she and her husband’s partial ownership of the Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals.

She is using twitter to her advantage as her tweets are up there with the best of celebrity cryptic messages. She has come to this celebrity status because she is one of the most celebrated models and actresses in India, as well as most controversial and evidently diverse. She is an award winning actress and model, and married to millionaire Raj Kundra, who is allegedly tied to the Indian mafia. She has also has suspected romantic episodes with Richard Gere.

But now the new uproar is over whether her and her husband actually own even a tiny bit of the IPL Royals or not. By using her social networking resources she tweeted to her 47, 984 fans assurances that she and Rag are actually part owners and she is the ambassador of the team.

This celebrity is supposedly the judge of a new reality show, and is still considered the number one Bollywood bombshell. Her lifestyle is busy and she is always under scrutiny but gladly these social websites let people know how she handles it all.


4 Responses to “PR Connection 10: Bollywood Actress Utilizes Twitter”

  1. I think it might be a positive thing that she is using Twitter. It allows her to show people that she really is human and that she is affected by the negative things that people say about her. It also gives her a channel to respond to what people have to say about her. I also think that Twitter, as well as other social media, is a good tool in expressing yourself and helping other people understand who you really are instead of what a magazine or television show portrays you as. Her fans will also be able to follow her and be updated on what she is being scrutinized for on a day to day basis!

  2. beccathomas Says:

    Shipa Sheety has seemed to cause quite an uproar according to your post. It seems that her use of Twitter has only brought her more into the center of the public eye. Twitter is a great tool for mass communication, but people need to be careful about what they tweet. This is especially true if they are under public criticism. It seems she tried to use Twitter to reassure her fans, but it seems to only have raised more suspicion. I think celebrities should monitor what they broadcast. If they want people to have a positive image about them, then they need to showcase positive actions. It seems that she and her husband should “lay low” for while until things calm down.

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