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I need a break April 26, 2010

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The semester is coming to an end, and I am very excited to finally being closer to graduation. I am anticipating graduation day, so that I can move into the workforce and utilize all that I have learned in college. Hopefully I will do my internship next summer so that I can have some experience in the PR world. But for now once this semester ends I am going to take a week vacation with my friend and family to Orlando, Florida so that I can get my mind off of things. Once that week ends, it is back to school for A term summer school, but all of my roommates and friends are staying in Statesboro too, so hopefully it will be a fun and educational summer.


Recommended: the course Intro to Human Communication

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If anyone at Georgia Southern University is looking for an extra three hour course to take, I would recommend the course Introduction to Human Communication with Dr. Graham. This course is an overview of material that you can learn about more in depth from other classes, but is still insightful and quite interesting. By taking this course I learned a lot about me as a person and the culture I live. It also helped me evaluate the my relationships with my friends and family and ways to build the relationship I already have with them. The course will help you in the future workplace and with the people that you have to work with.


Welcome to my blog! January 31, 2010

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Hey everyone! I am a junior at Georgia Southern and my major is Public Relations. This is my first blog of many. So I am hoping to improve my skills over the course of this class.