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March 7, 2010

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Title of post: Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos

Author: Haley Barnes


Date: March 8, 2010

Opposite of you I was cheering for the Saints, but am glad that you recognized that it was a good booster for the city and the team. I do have to agree with you that the Doritos commercial was one of the funniest during the Superbowl. It gave a great twist on reality because it is usually the parents who threaten the kid who is taking their child on a date, but in this case the young boy is warning the guest that he better not put his hands on his mama and especially not his Doritos. In the commercial, it also showed that the little boy found his mom and his Doritos to be of same importance to him in his life. I think it was funny for all ages, but did hear some utter after the commercial was aired that it was “unethical” for them to show a little boy slapping someone else. But people need to lighten up and learn to appreciate the creative way they used to advertise their product. I think it portrayed kids in the right light because I agree with you when you say they say the most shocking things sometimes and since they do not know much, they do not know what should be censored or not. Overall, Doritos “hit it out of the ball park” with this particular commercial.
-Sarah Gricius


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Title of post: PR has Kate Gosselin a media star

Author: Anna


Date: March 8, 2010

Kate’s publicists are working quiet hard to recover her image after the terrible divorce with Jon. And although they are trying to put her into a more positive light by making her one of the “celebrities on Dancing with the Stars,” the question that arises to me is…Shouldn’t she be spending that time with the 8 children that she has? I mean think about it, they spent days and days practicing the routine and then they have the show to do, and right after that it is back to practice again. And the public says that Jon is the one who wants all the attention and is trying to be a celebrity, it obviously is both of them now. I believe she needs to go back to reality and focus on her kids or do something in the public that does not take away so much time from her kids because I can understand the only income she has is from premiering on shows in order to support her children. I can see how they are trying to put a positive spin on her life, but why not start a magazine explaining ways to save money, her life stories, and such things like that. Therefore, she could do that from her home and spend quality time with (what should be the most important thing in her life) her children.
-Sarah Gricius


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Title of post: Tiger Woods

Author: Allie Harrington


Date: March 8, 2010

Although I did recognize your points and some were valid, I would have to disagree with some of your statements. I felt that if Tiger Woods would come back to the golf scene, the place that made him famous, he would still remain famous and more than half of his supporters would still support him. He is amazing at the sport and that cannot go unnoticed on anyone’s watch, he is a natural and has worked hard to the best in golf. Plus, that is his personal life and although he was quite shady and not loyal, that should not be a factor in his golf career. For example, Bill Clinton…he was an helped the country and some would say he was one of the best presidents, and even with his scandals during his presidency, he still has supporters to this day. I just think that people are blowing this Tiger Woods thing way out of line, although he is a role model to many, everyone knows people make mistakes and he has publicly apologized and said he would change for the better.
-Sarah Gricius


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Title of post: Snickers for Everyone!!

Author: Shelley Martin


Date: March 8, 2010

I can definitely agree with your obsession of snickers, whenever I get a chocolate craving I will usually drive to the gas station to grab a snickers. I liked how you realized that they targeted all generations young to old. I would recognize that another point of view that they were trying to approach was that if you are of the older generation and have a snickers, you might feel young once again just like when you were young and were playing football with the boys. Snickers has more commercials now that replace the “average” person with a celebrity. One of my favorites is called Road Trip. The average guy in the back is played by Aretha Franklin. The people in the car say that he always acts like a diva when he is hungry so they give him a snicker’s to bring him back to reality. And it ends with the classic line, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” I think these are great commercials and I felt Snicker’s did great advertising for there company while adding in a sense of humor.
-Sarah Gricius


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Title of post: My week of Twitter

Author: Jessica Dudley


Date: March 8, 2010

I was actually quiet nervous myself when we were assigned to do a week of twitter. I had previously heard of all the rave but did not really understand the concept of twitter, even though over ten people tried to explain it to me. And just like you, after a couple of days I started to pick up the ideas behind it and learned a lot from reading other people’s tweets which had interesting sites to visit and learn from. I enjoyed following you on twitter and hearing all about your interesting stories and sites to visit. I think we should both continue to use twitter so we can keep up with each other’s lives once we are out of college and maybe end up with the same company, even though you want to do sports and I want to do fashion. But I felt that I learned a lot from twittering and am looking forward to continuing it which will be much needed in the PR world. I hope you decided to keep up with your twitter account also.
-Sarah Gricius


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Title of post: “The SPINdustry”

Author: Caroline Rawlins


Date: March 8, 2010

I actually just made this show one of my PR connections also. I felt that it was a great show, but also agree with you about the effects it may have on the PR industry and the reputation that might come along with it. I think that the first episode did capture some of the hard work, stress, organization, and networking that you talked about above. They had to put on an event and were having trouble keeping the magazines reps there because they were all expecting Mel B. to appear. But one of the employee’s that work for Command PR stepped up and used her experience to keep them at the event in order for the event to get into the tabloids. She decided to give them water and lollipops because they could tell they were getting irritated and I felt that showed that PR practitioners needs to be prepared for any situation and to also be quick on their feet. I also agree that Kim Kardashian will do a great job with this show and hope that PR becomes even more popular than it is today with this show airing.


PR Connection 3: 2009 Gold Anvil Award

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Michael L. Herman, APR, Fellow PRSA, chairman and CEO of Communication Sciences International, received the 2009 Gold Anvil Award during the PRSA International Conference in San Diego. The Gold Anvil for lifetime career achievement, first awarded in 1948, is the Society’s highest individual honor. Herman is recognized as one of the profession’s leading practitioners, mentors, and champions. He personifies the leadership qualities and reflects the values of PR professionals seek to communicate in their work. During his life he spent many years teaching at the university level and often talked with PRSSA students. He was asked what his impression of the new generation of PR professionals would be like. He responded, “The students today are much more sophisticated than even those I taught 20 years ago. They are enthusiastic, hungry for knowledge and ready to conquer the world. But the one thing that remains constant is the need for improved writing skills and a broader understand of public relations in a changing society.” Although our generation is more adapt to the changes going on in society; he is right when he talks about gaining knowledge of the basics, such as writing.

I believe that everyone in the PR industry hopes to one day achieve his level of success. Although it shows that is make take years of hard work, obtaining this award can be life changing and make one realize that all of those blood, sweat, and tears were not gone unnoticed. He is a role model for all PR practitioner’s and we should strive for his success.

When asked in the interview “What’s next for you?” He answered, “I’ve always said I’d rather wear out than rust out. I still find each day to be a new opportunity, and I believe that for all that the profession has given me, I’m still quite through trying to champion the changes that I believe can continue to help us grow and prosper.”

Now those are words of wisdom…