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Week Fourteen: Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling April 25, 2010

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During the NewsU course ,5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling, I learned about sketching a concept for a story and found that to be an interesting part of the course, so I will elaborate on what that consists of.

  • What I learned? Making a storyboard

1. Before heading out to report your story, it is a good idea to create a storyboard. This can help you define the parameters of a story with available resources. You can organize, focus, and identify any holes of a story. It also helps you decide which medium to use for each part of the story.

2. Identify the media by deciding which pieces of the story work best in each medium. Here are some mediums that you can use as a pr practitioner, video, animated graphics, audio, maps, text,  and photography.

3. Finally, storyboard the concept. On a sheet of paper, sketch out the main story page and the elements it will include. Then do the same for the other “inside” pages in your overall story. A rough storyboard doesn’t have to e high art – it is simply just a sketch. And it isn’t written in stone, its just a guide. You may change things after you go into the field to do your interview and other reporting.

  • What surprised me?

I was actually surprised at the fact that once completing a few multimedia stories, one should consider creating more than one story template so that the readers won’t be bored with a predictable format. Although I understand that repetitiveness can cause the mind to bore, I also thought that following the same format was appropriate because your readers become comfortable with that type of style so their minds won’t be challenged.

  • What I want to know more about?

I would like to learn more about the how and the effects that multimedia will have on our career as a PR professional and on the audiences that we are trying to reach. Will this be the new way to receive news? Are newspapers just going to stop being distributed? It is nice to know the statistics that the multimedia is up against so while I am in college, I can become more educated in writing for that type of media as opposed to the more traditional way of newspapers. Each medium requires a different type of format, and it would be nice to know which ones we should become familiar with.


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