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PR Connection 7: Emirates Airline Incident Puts the PR People to Work April 26, 2010

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An Emirates flight from Dubai to Kerala’s Kochi city, carrying 375 passengers and crew on board, hit an air pocket at about 25,000 feet, lost control dropped about 15,000 feet. The incident took place at about 60 miles from the destinations, according to reporters. Gladly the plane eventually regained control and landed safely at its destination, but the number of injuries is still uncertain, with mixed information coming from media sources about the passengers hurt, and only one of the injured passenger was hospitalized.

One of the passengers commented after they landed, “Some of the passengers were shouting and crying for help. And for three minutes no one knew what was happening. Many were thrown out of their seats, some had their heads hitting the roof of the aircraft. A child was thrown out of the seat. We felt that everything was coming to an end.”

The aircraft safety measurements are still being investigated, but the aircraft supposedly experienced some bad weather in turbulence while flying over the Arabian sea. The public relations practitioners for this company need to come clean about facts that are missing from the story, or the airline company will lose many customers because of their loss of credibility.

People are already scared of airplanes enough, that occasional loss of control of the plane due to turbulence is not acceptable. Airplanes are suppose to be safer than driving in a car, but with incidents like these it makes people reconsider those types of facts.


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