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PR Connection 5: Our Freedom of Speech is being Questioned April 26, 2010

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Google finally took the stance to embrace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as they wholeheartedly decided to state that they are against censorship and are great supporters of freedom of speech. In other words, they are against governments that decide to block Google content or product, as such actions restrict freedom of speech. The article states that censorship is becoming a growing problem on the web and has been a rising issue for a very long time.

Bloggers are now being arrested and tons of people are fighting for online freedom of speech. Some of the blogs would talk about how censorship is wrong and abnormal despite the risk of seeing their blog shut down, being threatened or even arrested. And some people truly admire this public act against their rights taken away from freedom of speech.

The relationship between Google and the government consists of them seeing eye to eye on the details of a blog, and mutually deciding whether the blog should be removed or not. But now, Google as become a business hungry entity who would grant censorship wishes to governments who support their making money online efforts. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because all companies use business strategies to make money and stay profitable. But by Google claiming they are a censorship fighting hero is nothing more than a tasteless PR stunt.

These issues are very real, as more governments ban and censor content and freedom of speech. Some stick to their guns and express their opinions openly which can come with severe consequences. So now it is Google’s turn to obtain the power and start a campaign to help those fighting for their right to voice opinions openly without the fear of backfires.

For more check out the story here


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