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I need a break April 26, 2010

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The semester is coming to an end, and I am very excited to finally being closer to graduation. I am anticipating graduation day, so that I can move into the workforce and utilize all that I have learned in college. Hopefully I will do my internship next summer so that I can have some experience in the PR world. But for now once this semester ends I am going to take a week vacation with my friend and family to Orlando, Florida so that I can get my mind off of things. Once that week ends, it is back to school for A term summer school, but all of my roommates and friends are staying in Statesboro too, so hopefully it will be a fun and educational summer.


6 Responses to “I need a break”

  1. “I am very excited to finally be closer to graduation” sorry I think there was a little error! Anyways I can really relate to you because I am just as anxious to be done with the semester and be one step closer to the END. Good luck with your internship in the future I am sure you will do great from the looks of your blog. Unfortunately I will be back here for A term summer school as well so we will be together and we will make the best of things! Have fun in Orlando that should be a lot of fun.

  2. ale604 Says:

    I definitely know how you feel. I am really looking forward to a break. This semester has been a very challenging for me in many different ways. I still have a couple more semesters to go before I graduate but it seems that the closer you get the quicker time flies. This semester has been one of the quickest semesters I have had while I have been at Georgia Southern. I’ve been feeling like I needed to catch my breath but I haven’t had a chance to do that at all. I am really excited that all this will be over soon. Hope your summer turns out great!


  4. beccathomas Says:

    I can totally relate with needing a break. Its exciting that with a close of a semester that graduation is that much closer. Enjoy your vacation so you can be refreshed for summer classes. I will be taking a week vacation as well before I return for summer classes. This will be my first summer taking classes, so I’m hoping it goes well. I hope your able to find a great internship next summer, because nothing beats hands on experience. I will be completing my internship this summer, which I’m really excited about! That’s exciting that all of your roommates will be here this summer. I’m sure y’all will find a way to make sure that classes won’t suck all the fun out of your summer. Best of luck to you!

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