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Week Twelve: The Creative Career April 25, 2010

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By definition, a podcast is more than simply audio or video posted to the web. It also has an RSS feed that users can subscribe to. It isn’t just for iPods, but media from a podcast can be subscribed to, downloaded, and played back on a computer and many types of portable devices. Many software programs exist that will read and access feeds from a podcast.

Podcasting is the start of a new media content revolution that is empowering individuals with the ability to globally distribute their ideas and create a following of the minded fans. It is impacting traditional industries such as journalism, education and entertainment allowing anyone to freely create and distribute news and media. The files on podcasts can then be listened to on your computer or you can transfer them to your portable player to listen to later. Podcasting will be helpful to public relations practitioner is that americans are becoming involved in mobile gadgets and with the time and shift of where they can enjoy the media, the more attractive the podcasting content will become. Organizations are using podcasts now for a variety of purposes, including providing news about the company, in-dept interviews with executives and other experts, features giving consumer tips about use of products and services, and training materials for employees. A key factor that PR practitioners must remember is that the podcast must be relevant to the target audience. A podcast is not an informercial, nor is it simply reading a news release, it must be informal and conversational.

The Creative Career by Allie Osmar is a wonderful website for undergraduates as well as those who have graduated college and are entering the business world. The podcast “Surviving Change” talked about jobs not existing years ago. Just remember that you do not know what your future career hold and you do not have to be stuck in that career forever, just do your best and remember to strive for your passions in life, and they will come to you.


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