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Week Nine/Ten: PR Openmic April 25, 2010

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Our assignment for the topic of the week was to create an account with a website called PR Openmic. The site is used by public relation students, faculty, and practitioners who can all be part of various applications such as blog lists, forums, uploading and posting videos, and adding photos. Once a new member, you can update your status, add music application, and invite some more of your friends to join in on the fun. Here is the link to my account if you want to add me as a friend..Check out my account!

  • What did you learn from PR openmic?

The site is a good way for public relations people to learn from others experiences in the PR world and to interact with others in the same profession. There is a section where you can ask questions or if you need help with something to the creator so that he can assist you in the right direction. The website also provides similar sites in case that you can become members of to help in your public relations career.

1. There is also a section where you can seek internships in case you are in the dark and do not know where to look. Here is an example of an internship. I think this is such a great idea for future PR practitioners and I might even utilize this when I am looking for an internship.

2. Another section talks about being interested in working in the public relations  political affairs. In order to be in this field people need to a “voracious reader.” What this section of the website does is reveal posts  from the left, right and middle of the political spectrum. And once that is done they take the three latests posts from the top 10 list and add in few new sites like PolitiFact and FactCheck. Get involved in public relations political affairs.

3. A cool feature provided on the website is a section called CoveritLive event place. What happens in this section is an event will be posted and then it will be archived into a blog post later on. This part of the website is still being explored, but hopefully they will be able to work out an flaws because it sounds like such a great idea.

Overall, I was impressed with this interactive public relations website and will definitely refer back to it in the near feature if I need to look for an internship or just need a general question answered that I am unsure of. The website has several different section to blog, chat, and receive updates about the latest PR news. I hope the website continues to prevail and continue to add features so that help the public relations people can excel in their career.


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