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April 25, 2010

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Comment # 22

Title of post: A New Spin on Business

Author: Becca Thomas


Date: April 25, 2010

I also attended Blake’s speech when he came to Georgia Southern University and found it to be quite inspiring and fascinating. Not only did he catch my attention by his rugged yet handsome face, but also because of the principles behind his business. He understood that just by making shoes and then selling them to people, it would just be a buy and sell basis but by adding in the element of giving away a pair of shoes to one in need, it caught the attention of the consumer. He said that all of these companies started contacting him about selling his shoes in their store because the idea of it would bring business to their stores. In essence, what I learned was put your heart into something that you believe will happen and instead of taking big leaps, take the necessary small steps to make your dream business come true.

-Sarah Gricius


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