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April 25, 2010

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Comment # 18

Title of post: PR Connection # 9

Author: Lauren Stevens


Date: April 25, 2010

Oh no! Once again PETA is bashing people for the wrong reason. I think that they should just embrace the fact that celebrities are helping in their cause and Kim Kardashian obviously meant nothing by it because she vocally expressed her love and support for animals and also made the claim that the vet was there and if any harm would of been done then they were there to help assist the animal in need. Although it probably wasn’t a smart move on Kim’s part to post the picture in the first place because it did hold some risk, she came clean with the truth immediately after the accusations. In my opinion, PETA needs to get their facts straight before they jump on celebrities or they could potentially lose support. I know from personal experience that it is okay to hold a cat that way for a few seconds because I have done that before to all three of my cats and they are all still alive, happy, and uninjured.

-Sarah Gricius


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