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April 25, 2010

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Comment # 15

Title of post: PR Connections 3: Jessica Simpson speaks out

Author: Jessica Teal


Date: April 25, 2010

Although, I do agree  that talking about people he has dated previously and pretty low, I don’t think he did it because he has nothing going on for himself. John Mayer is an amazing singer and songwriter, he has numerous tours that are sold out, and he has songs about Georgia which makes me even happier. I honestly just think that there was a lot of behind the scenes drama between Jessica and him that the public was not aware of and instead of keeping it to himself he decided to tell others, which was wrong because he is a celebrity and by doing so he knew the public would hear about it. I mean just relate it back to your life, if you are going through a break up and someone has broken your heart, then aren’t you the one who wants to be the first to tell the story about what happened between you two so that you can make the other person look bad. But I definitely think he used his celebrity status in the wrong way.

-Sarah Gricius


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