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April 25, 2010

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Comment # 10

Title of post: PR Connection #4

Author: Lauren Stevens


Date: April 25, 2010

I completely agree with the the last statement of your post, we as society need to step back and be worried about the fact that they are making these women celebrities because they are playing the innocent card, everyone believes that the man is to blame but I don’t think that is the complete truth. It made me uneasy the other day while I was sitting in my living room and watching the channel E, and a show came on called “E True Hollywood Story: Celebrity Scandals”. This show consisted of all the mistresses that have recently come clean to having an affair with a married celebrity. It disgusted me to hear these women speak about not knowing he was married and certain things like that. Also if you listen to their tone of voice, there is absolutely no sympathy towards the wife that was cheated on. To be honest, I really just think these women knew the celebrities were married, and just enjoyed being the girl on the side to spend their money, and then when things went south they decided to try and make themselves a celebrity. I feel bad for these celebrity women that have been cheated on who have to see these types of shows and see the faces of the other women that their husband had affairs with.

-Sarah Gricius


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