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Chapter 8 Reading Notes April 21, 2010

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Photos and graphics are important components of news releases and feature stories because they add interest and variety. They can explain things better than words alone. A good picture is worth a thousand words and has much more impact.

1. It is important to use a skilled photographer with professional experience. Too many organizations try to cut corners by asking an employee with a point-and-click digital camera to take pictures. It will cost more money to hire a professional photographers, but at least you won’t end up with pictures that are dull, poorly composed, and generally unusable. Another reason is that it’s better business practice to use a professional who has formal training in visual communications.

2. Writing a photo caption is important because all photos sent to the media need a caption. This is the brief text under the photo that tells the reader about the picture and its source. However, a caption is not a description of the photo. Most captions, when they accompany a news release, are two to four lines long

3. Creating other graphics can become essential because photographs are not the only art form that you can use for publicity purposes. Charts, diagrams, renderings and models, maps, line drawings, and clip art are widely used. Many of these visuals can be formatted on your own computer using Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, or other software application, but you should also consider using graphic artists and commercial illustrators. This is particularly true if you are preparing material for distribution to the media, which requires simple and well-designed, colorful graphics.


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