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PR Connection 3: 2009 Gold Anvil Award March 7, 2010

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Michael L. Herman, APR, Fellow PRSA, chairman and CEO of Communication Sciences International, received the 2009 Gold Anvil Award during the PRSA International Conference in San Diego. The Gold Anvil for lifetime career achievement, first awarded in 1948, is the Society’s highest individual honor. Herman is recognized as one of the profession’s leading practitioners, mentors, and champions. He personifies the leadership qualities and reflects the values of PR professionals seek to communicate in their work. During his life he spent many years teaching at the university level and often talked with PRSSA students. He was asked what his impression of the new generation of PR professionals would be like. He responded, “The students today are much more sophisticated than even those I taught 20 years ago. They are enthusiastic, hungry for knowledge and ready to conquer the world. But the one thing that remains constant is the need for improved writing skills and a broader understand of public relations in a changing society.” Although our generation is more adapt to the changes going on in society; he is right when he talks about gaining knowledge of the basics, such as writing.

I believe that everyone in the PR industry hopes to one day achieve his level of success. Although it shows that is make take years of hard work, obtaining this award can be life changing and make one realize that all of those blood, sweat, and tears were not gone unnoticed. He is a role model for all PR practitioner’s and we should strive for his success.

When asked in the interview “What’s next for you?” He answered, “I’ve always said I’d rather wear out than rust out. I still find each day to be a new opportunity, and I believe that for all that the profession has given me, I’m still quite through trying to champion the changes that I believe can continue to help us grow and prosper.”

Now those are words of wisdom…


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