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PR Connection 1: “The Spindustry March 7, 2010

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After watching the finale of the show The Kardashians’ a new show aired called “The Spindustry” which follows the Command PR, a Miami-based firm, as it prepared to launch its anticipated product “Luxury Lollipop.” The basis of the show was filled with unexpected occurring of events which presented Simon and Huck a range of challenges as they have to figure out a way to save their clients event from becoming a disaster while also maintaining a good relationship with their client.

The company Command PR established in 1999 and is managed and run by Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban. Both of the personalities I believe to be very entertaining and would love to have a career with this company. In an interview with a reporter after the show was aired, Jonathan Cheben said, “The theme of the show is pretty good for a reality show as the PR industry is presently one of the most booming and alluring industry in the Hollywood.” In future episodes of the show, it will feature day to day activities of the officials of Command PR as they try to manage and organize celebrity events, allure celebrity clients, manage press conferences, and strategically advertising the event so as to gain as much coverage of the event as possible.

I am very excited to continuing watching this show as it may give me tips when I begin my career as a PR practitioner. They have to battle through many challenges that celebrities and clients expect because they want to reputation to remain high within the public and celebrities. Although some of the incidents on this show may appear as if it was planned to go wrong because some people believe reality shows “stretch the truth,” I believe that with Hollywood and celebrities involved no task is scene as absurd because they have very unique demands.


One Response to “PR Connection 1: “The Spindustry”

  1. ah01490 Says:

    Hey! I also watched “The SPINdustry” after watching the Kardashians. I really enjoyed this show. I also thought that Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban were very entertaining. I personally thought that the day to day lives of these Public Relations practitioners were so interesting and seemed like a very exciting day. I am afraid that people who are not involved in public relations will view this show negatively, because they do not know how much hard work goes into each event. Great post! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the show turns out!

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