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PR Connection 2: Kell on Earth March 7, 2010

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As I was flipping through the channels at my house is Atlanta, I came across a show on Bravo called “Kell on Earth.” I did not know about this show since my cable in Statesboro only consists of 50 channels, that when I saw it in Atlanta, I was surprised and lured in to watch more. I originally saw the life of Kelly Cutrone on the MTV show “The Hills” but the main focus was on the life of Lauren Conrad and only highlights of Cutrone were shown. I ended up watching back to back episodes of the show and fell in love with it immediately and decided I wanted my career to be based on this, which is why I am getting a minor in fashion merchandising.

The basis of “Kell on Earth” is a reality show that follows a publicist (an essential part of public relations), Kelly Cutrone, as she bullies her way through the underbelly of the New York fashion world. Cutrone is the founder of the P.R. company People’s Revolution. Cutrone lives a fast-paced, whirlwind life juggling her business in a tough economic climate, organizing major fashion shows across the world, and managing the everyday hectic pace of People’s Revolution. Also somewhere in between all of the chaos, she manages to make time for her personal life, which includes being a single mom to daughter Ava, and writing her first book “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.” I believe that this show uncovers the reality of public relations, it is hard to keep clients happy because demands and expectations are so high in this industry. But Cutrone takes her job very seriously and will not let her reputation fail. I believe this women to be an idol and I would love to work for her one day.


5 Responses to “PR Connection 2: Kell on Earth”

  1. marilynpr Says:

    • I really like the show Kell on Earth and its pretty annoying that Northland cable took Bravo off the air so we can’t watch it every week but it is on Hulu! I think that Kelly Cutrone is absolutely a role model for women in the public relations field because she really takes her job seriously and has become one of the most recognized people in the PR field. She has also done her own PR work for People’s Revolution and made it have its own reputation besides what The Hills showed. I think I might be too scared to work for her now, she is definitely someone you might want to work for after a little experience. Great post!

  2. Kate Kavanagh Says:

    I have never heard of this show before but it sounds very interesting. I have been a huge fan of “The Hills” and watch it every season. I had no idea that there was another show that included the same characters. I guess it is because this new show is on Bravo while the other is on MTV. Before I changed my major to public relations I was majoring in interior design and my minor was in fashion merchandising. The things that those girls do would be very intriguing to me and I am going to have to keep an eye out for this show when I go home for the summer!

  3. ah01490 Says:

    I also have not been able to watch this show, because statesboro cable is HORRIBLE! I want to watch it when I go home for the summer though. I also first heard of Kelly Cutrone on “The Hills”. I can only imagine how she acts on her new shows. She was so mean, but that is what makes her so successful. I am also a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Public Relations. So this show is the perfect thing for me! Great topic!

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