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March 7, 2010

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Title of post: PR has Kate Gosselin a media star

Author: Anna


Date: March 8, 2010

Kate’s publicists are working quiet hard to recover her image after the terrible divorce with Jon. And although they are trying to put her into a more positive light by making her one of the “celebrities on Dancing with the Stars,” the question that arises to me is…Shouldn’t she be spending that time with the 8 children that she has? I mean think about it, they spent days and days practicing the routine and then they have the show to do, and right after that it is back to practice again. And the public says that Jon is the one who wants all the attention and is trying to be a celebrity, it obviously is both of them now. I believe she needs to go back to reality and focus on her kids or do something in the public that does not take away so much time from her kids because I can understand the only income she has is from premiering on shows in order to support her children. I can see how they are trying to put a positive spin on her life, but why not start a magazine explaining ways to save money, her life stories, and such things like that. Therefore, she could do that from her home and spend quality time with (what should be the most important thing in her life) her children.
-Sarah Gricius


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