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March 7, 2010

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Title of post: My week of Twitter

Author: Jessica Dudley


Date: March 8, 2010

I was actually quiet nervous myself when we were assigned to do a week of twitter. I had previously heard of all the rave but did not really understand the concept of twitter, even though over ten people tried to explain it to me. And just like you, after a couple of days I started to pick up the ideas behind it and learned a lot from reading other people’s tweets which had interesting sites to visit and learn from. I enjoyed following you on twitter and hearing all about your interesting stories and sites to visit. I think we should both continue to use twitter so we can keep up with each other’s lives once we are out of college and maybe end up with the same company, even though you want to do sports and I want to do fashion. But I felt that I learned a lot from twittering and am looking forward to continuing it which will be much needed in the PR world. I hope you decided to keep up with your twitter account also.
-Sarah Gricius


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