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Week Seven: Twitter February 23, 2010

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When I heard about our assignment to create a twitter account, I have to admit that I was nervous at first. I have heard of the concept before because some of my friends had to create accounts for this classes last year so they explained how it worked to me. I honestly, did not think that people would be that interested in my life so I was actually nervous about no one wanting to follow me. Within the first day of creating my account; I already have five followers and the number increased each day after that.

I found the most difficult aspect of twitter was updating my status. I didn’t find it important to tell others (whom I don’t know) what my everyday life was like or what I found to be interesting because I usually do that with my friends. Although from the other end I found it be quite intriguing when reading other people’s status’ because it was very informative and helped me to open my eyes to new websites and kept me updated with the PR world.

I do have to admit that most of my tweets involved only my life but I did try to fit a couple of interesting facts that I learned from class here and there. By continuing my twitter account, I believe there will be many benefits for my future career. My dream job is to work with celebrities or even fashion event planning, therefore by keeping my twitter account I can follow celebrities tweets and learn about their lives so I am in thrown into the real world I can already be prepared for their high demands. Also by following public relation specialists, I can listen to some of their stories that they have and how they fixed situations when they did not go exactly as planned.

I am looking forward to continuing my experience with twitter and am glad that was a mandatory assignment for our class to do.

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5 Responses to “Week Seven: Twitter”

  1. tlgraves Says:

    I was nervous when I found out that we had to create a Twitter account as well. I was at a lost when it came to updating my tweets. Most of mine were little known useless facts that people may find interesting. I understand you not wanting to put your day-to-day activites because I felt the same way. I too found it more interesting to read other people’s tweets. It is good to hear that you are glad that Professor Nixon gave us this assigment. I think that it is very smart of you to keep your Twitter account and follow celebrities that you may one day be working next to!

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  3. Sarah,
    I liked your Twitter post because I can really relate you your feelings before and after the experience. I too felt nervous about no one being interested in following what I had to say, and even then letting strangers basically have access to my every thought or experience that day. I became much more comfortable as you did, and got a lot of good experience out of it. I don’t think I gave as many personal tweets as you did, I stuck to more of the posting interesting facts, videos, or articles that were current. I think you did a great job with your Twitter because I was able to visit it often and make responses to your comments. I think we will both get a lot out of Twitter in the future, keep up the good blogging!

    Lauren Stevens

  4. Jessica Says:

    Hey Sarah! I felt the same way about blogging. I was soo nervous! When I created mt account I had your same fear about how no one would follow me. The next week after our assignment I had about 20 followers and I was following about 10 others. I also felt how you felt about no one being interested in my every day life, but I just gave it a shot and found out that some people actually do care! Weird huh? I should start following you! I am sure you have very interesting Tweets. I am trying to make mine as interesting as I can but all I can say about that is practice makes perfect!
    Happy blogging!

  5. One thing that would have really enhanced your Twitter experience is to reply to others . . . once you start getting into real (140-character) conversations, Twitter seems to make more sense.

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