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Week Five: Superbowl Ads February 15, 2010

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The commercials during the Superbowl have always created much hype in our society, sometimes people only watch the Superbowl in order to talk about the most entertaining commercials during the event.

I found the Volkswagen: punch-dub to be very comical. The tradition of punching someone in the arm when they see a Volkswagen has became a sort of game that is known by society. A variety of backgrounds and age appears in the commercial; from a women who is pregnant punching her husband on the way to the hospital, two cops radar gunning cars and a younger child punching an older person. But this advertisement is mainly targeted to the generation that can drive. Such as mid-age adults and teenagers that are just receiving their license. Although with teenagers, the ultimate decision comes down to the parents; some teenagers have say in what type of cars are appealing to them.

My other favorite commercial of mine during the Superbowl is the Doritos commercial: house rules. It is entertaining because it was completely out of the blue that the little boy would slap the person taking his mom out on a date. The house rules for the commercial was 1. Don’t touch my mom and 2. Don’t touch my Doritos, which means that his mom comes first in his life and the second most important thing are his Doritos. This particular commercial’s target audience for this commercial were to the younger crowd because it brought in the mix of adding in a child. When children see it, they laugh because it is their generation that is the main character is the commercial.


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