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Week Four: NewsU Cleaning Your Copy February 6, 2010

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For our week four learning assignment in public relations writing we were instructed to do an online seminar called NewsU Cleaning Your Copy. The seminar allowed you to learn and do exercises in four different sections; Grammar, AP Style, Punctuation and Spelling. I found that my weakest point was punctuation.

  • What did you learn?

The seminar helped me identify and solve problems in my writing way to. The concept of how to write in an AP style format was an important part of the seminar along with punctuation, spelling and grammar. The rule about (that/which) I found to be vital in my writing since I get confused about which one is correct. The rule states use which for clauses that offer incidental information; use that for clauses that give information necessary for the sentence. Also the rules for punctuation that deal with apostrophes was helpful. Examples of when to use an apostrophe and when not to are: The custom began in the 1920s. Temperatures will be in the low 30s. Mind your p’s and q’s. He earned three A’s and two B’s.

  • What surprised you?

I was surprised when I reviewed the spelling section and realized that I have a tendency to misspell a lot of the words. I also did not know that there was a correct way to format a phone number. Apparently the only way to correctly write a phone number is 770-554-7896. The AP Style book is very particular on whether to use figures or spell out the figure for distances, dimensions and speeds.

  • What do you want to know more about?

I hope to excel and learn in my punctuation and grammar. I took the C.Q. Test at the end of the exercises and mini quiz. Also I only got five right it was still a good learning experience because I could see my weak points and it taught me the correct format. I know that with the more practice I have, the more comfortable I will become in each section. Overall, the seminar was helpful and informative.


One Response to “Week Four: NewsU Cleaning Your Copy”

  1. Maranda butler Says:

    I really liked how you seperated the writing with sub-headings to let people know exactly what you are repsonding to. Thanks for including the link also. a lot of blogs fail to provide a link to the article they are referencing.

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