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Week Three: Comments are important January 31, 2010

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Comments are a fundamental part of blogs. Public relations writers are usually involved with three kinds of blogs corporate blogs, employee blogs, and third-party blogs. Each type of blogs are important for the same four reasons: 1. to achieve real-time communication with key stakeholders, 2. to enable passionate, knowledgeable people to talk about the organization, its products, and services, 3. to foster conversation among audiences with an affinity for or connection with the organization, and 4. to facilitate more interactive communication and encourage audience feedback. The fourth reason is probably the most essential part of blogging because it deals with the importance of commenting. Without comments, people would lack the communication that is necessary to keep a blog active. Comments can consist of opinions, helpful tips, or even questions. Therefore it is vital to keep up with your blog posts along with commenting on other blogs to order to get feedback.

Some advice that I would offer to others about effectively commenting. Commenting is consider to be somewhat of a “masterpiece of your own.” They can either be brilliant like the masterpieces of Michelangelo or misunderstood like the works of Picasso. I found another great article on Grammar girl titled “How to Write a Great Blog Comment.” In this article they talk about nine simple rules. Rule one is determining your motivation, rule two- provide context, rule three- be respectful, rule four- make a point, rule five- know what your talking about, rule six- make one point per comment, rule seven- keep it short, rule eight- link carefully, and rule nine- proofread. In my opinion my most important rule to remember is to make a point. I do not believe that people would enjoy reading a comment that simply rambles on about nothing to do with the topic of the blog. If you say more in your comment you will make more of a contribution to the conversation. It is important to not just say, “Your so right about all that you just said.” Instead, your comment should say, “I agree with your comment about cats, but why do you think they enjoy catnip so much?” By making comments like that one, you are agreeing with their comment but at the end your are making them engage in the conversation by asking them why.


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