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Week One: Social Media January 31, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — sarahgricius @ 6:34 PM

The only social media I have been part of is facebook. Right now I still have my facebook account and check it religiously. I would conclude that if someone wanted to get in touch with me, facebook would be the place to contact me instead of my e-mail address. I became part of the network around 5 to 6 years ago when the concept first came out. I chose to join this particular network because it is a safe environment for young adults to interact and there is a high level of privacy as opposed to myspace.

I have not created a twitter account yet because I honestly do not believe that people are that interested in my life, that they would actually follow my on twitter to see what I am doing. In my opinion, I view twitter as a celebrity status network and facebook as an “average” persons’ network. I am quite intrigued by this system of blogging and am now considering on making an account outside of the class.

Although, I did panic when I first saw all the options that are provided for you. But just like any new piece of technology, you have to play around with it and once you are comfortable then it becomes instinct for you. Since I know that blogging, twitter, and facebook are great ways to get the word out about events; I now realize that it is important to create all these social networks for my career. My next step in networking is to create a twitter, so if anyone wants to explain to me how to create one that would be great!


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