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Chapter 1 Reading Notes January 31, 2010

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The first sentence of the book explains the framework of public relations writing perfectly “the primary focus of this book is on one aspect of public relations practice- the writing and distribution of message in a variety of formats and media channels.” (page 1) Just think about all the news releases we see and promotional advertisements we hear daily, which makes the quote above correct.

  • Writing is only one component of public relations and the four other core components are: research, planning, communication, and evaluation. PR writing is part of the communication component, which occurs after research has been conducted and extensive planning to formulate the goals and objectives of a campaign have taken place.
  • I  found the article named “tips for success”  interesting and helpful. The article says writing is one of five skills and Fraser Seitel offers four other basic skills that are necessary for success in public relations. The knowledge of public relations, knowledge of current events, knowledge of business, and the knowledge of management.
  • I also found the section under preparation for writing called computers as interesting. I am considering purchasing a new computer soon and found the statistics and opinions to be useful. From all the information given, I think that an apple computer will suit my needs because, “apple machines are faster, better, and far less prone to malicious software than Microsoft’s Vista operating system.” (page 7)

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